USS Nimitz Returns From Persian Gulf

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Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Deployed For 6 Months

CORONADO, Calif. — The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz returned to Coronado Tuesday after a six-month deployment to the Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf.

While the ship was in the gulf, the Nimitz and its air wing launched more than 1,100 sorties in support of troops on the ground in Iraq. Ships in the Nimitz Strike Group boarded 14 foreign vessels in support of 5th Fleet maritime security operations.

Military officials also said before it left the Persian Gulf, the Nimitz rescued seven Iraqi fishermen from a sinking dhow.

The strike group’s ships also participated in exercises with the Indian Navy and visited ports in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The ship and its crew also participated in filming a scene for the motion picture Stealth, starring Jamie Foxx.


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