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The “Resource Curse” in the Persian Gulf 

By Mehran Kamrava
Routledge, 2021

The book systematically address the little studied notion of a “resource curse” in relation to the Persian Gulf by examining the historical causes and genesis of the phenomenon and its consequences in a variety of areas, including human development, infrastructural growth, clientelism, state-building and institutional evolution, and societal and gender relations.
The book is available on Amazon.

Defending The Fringe: Nato, The Mediterranean, And The Persian Gulf

By Jed C. Snyder
Routledge, Abingdon (UK), 2019

Defending the Fringe assesses the importance of the southern flank of NATO to the Western Alliance. It discusses Western strategy toward the Persian Gulf and includes a brief historical sketch of U.S. regional security doctrines.
The book is available on Amazon.


Holcomb Makes Trip To Persian Gulf Country Qatar
(WFYI/AP, July 5, 2021)

The Persian Gulf War was about liberating Kuwait, but it’s complicated
(The Spokesman-Review,  June 27, 2021)

One Way Forward on Iran: A Nuclear-Weapons-Free Persian Gulf
(New York Times, June 13, 2021)

IRGC Navy Is Monitoring All Foreign Vessels In Persian Gulf
(Eurasia Review, December 16, 2019)

Carrier Lincoln Enters Persian Gulf After 6 Months Nearby
(USNI News, November 19, 2019)

New US envoy to UAE stresses deescalation in Persian Gulf
(Associated Press, November 11, 2019)

Mapping the Persian Gulf in Detail
(Radio Farda, November 11, 2019)

Reports: Iran downs ‘unknown’ drone over Persian Gulf port
(ABC News, November 8, 2019)

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