National Geography Magazine: Let’s stop buying their publication

National Geography Magazine: Let’s stop buying their publication – and tell them the reason
8 November, 2004
For Worldwide Distribution.

Dear Friends of the Persian Gulf,

The Persian Gulf Online Organization has observed that the highly valued National Geographic Society (NGS) has published erroneous MapMachine which contains an improper label “Arabian Gulf” for the body of water between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula that is imaginatively invented. The free world press, library of congress, is recognizing the proper name of this body of water and all accredited higher educations around the globe as Persian Gulf. Many individuals have sent protesting letters to NGS in vane. It’s time we make a collective decision in restricting our financial support for this abuser of Iran’s history.

Because I am a long time subscriber of National Geography Magazine (NGM), they have sent me a post card stating “free-preview certificate” for their NG Almanac of World History. I just mailed them back the card and wrote a short note stating:

I will only order your Almanac ‘after’ your correction made reflecting historic name Persian Gulf on all of your publications“. Furthermore, in order to punish them financially, I have decided to stop my subscription to their magazine effective immediately. And I will send them the reason for my decision. I suggest everyone who gets this message will do the same thing to make a strong point.

We need to stand up against abusers of Iran’s history and culture. I invite everyone to participate in this drive and stop your purchase(s) from National Geography Society (NGS) and all of their publications (NGM) until the time that they agree to correct this huge mistake.

Unless NGS/NGM makes the proper correction to this blatant journalistic mistake and forward an apology, I am recommending boycotting on all of their publication worldwide.


Javad Fakharzadeh, Board Member
Persian Gulf Organization


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