Protect the Identity and Heritage
of the Persian Gulf!

Please purchase a Persian Gulf Forever wristband. Proceeds will go towards a Persian Gulf float during the annual Persian Parade in New York. Proceeds will also help fund the making of a television documentary about the history of the Persian Gulf.

We must work together to protect the name and sovereignty of this body of water – The Persian Gulf!



PGO’s NYC Persian Parade Fundraising Program

Following the great success of last year’s memorable first Persian Parade in New York, PGO is proud to once again sponsor and participate in this year’s event scheduled for March 20, 2005. Success of this year’s parade is dependent on participation and contribution of the greater Iranian-American community. As a volunteer organization, PGO is solely reliant on generosity of the board and individual members to pay for all it’s expenses.

Last year we designed and sold hundreds of T-shirts to help raise funds to help with the parade costs. This year with the help of our Washington Chapter members, we are attempting to do the same by offering ‘Persian Gulf Forever’ wristband for one dollar donation. These make perfect Nowruz presents and help cover the cost of this year’s New York Parade celebrating our proud Persian heritage.

The wristbands are designed with a special memorabilia in mind. They are colored green white and red and engraved with a special message: “Persian Gulf For Ever“.

Please consider purchasing in quantities of at least 50 per order to cover the cost of shipping and handling. PGO will appreciate and encourage any amount contribution for a worthy cause. You may forward your donations in two ways as provided below:

Send check or Money Order payable to:
Account no: 1300085581
P.O. Box 3251
Alhambra, CA 91803

Thank you very much for your participation and contribution.

Persian Gulf Organization (PGO)

Note: Persian Gulf Online Organization (PGO) is a non-political, non-partisan and non-religious entity comprised of a network of volunteers across the globe dedicated to preserving and protecting the historical name of “Persian Gulf“. Our taskforce (PGTF) members maintain a close watch on media, publishing, and other influential organizations for any misuse of the only legal term for this body of water via emails, letters, phone calls, and faxes to any would be abuser.


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