Britain suspends Persian Gulf patrols

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Britain has talked of suspending all its patrolling operations in the northern Persian Gulf, following Iran’s capture of 15 British sailors.

During an interview with the BBC, Admiral Jonathon Band, head of the British Navy, said the navy has suspended its inspection operations of the suspect vessels, adding that the whole practice will be subject to a “complete review.”

Rejecting claims that operations were aimed at exerting restrictions on Iran, Admiral Band noted that the only aim was to restrain what he described as smuggling and the transport of suspect cargo, including weapons and drugs, DPA reported.

The British commander described the conduct of his servicemen in the Persian Gulf as part of a United Nations mandate which has authorized British and Australian sailors to routinely patrol the area.

On 23 March, Iranian navy detained 15 British sailors after they illigally entered Iranian territory in the northern Persian Gulf. They were later pardoned by the Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and flown to London.



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