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Persian Gulf, Kish Island, Daruish Hotel,


Documents found in Mesr (Egypt)



Maps found in Cairo, Mesr (Egypt) in 1908 and 1910

Published in “The Times” (London) in 1913. The map is significant in that the Brits at that time published Persian Gulf.

Persian gulf and Persian sea from a Tunisian Atlas.

AL ANKARY (Khaled). La Péninsule Arabique dans les cartes Européennes
Anciennes (The Arabian Peninsula in Old European Maps).

Paris, IMA & K. Al Ankary, 2001
424 pp. avec 260 illustrations en couleurs, cartonnage illustré de l’éditeur.

260 maps with details about each map in 3 languages: Arabic, English and French.
97% of these 260 maps have the correct name of Persian gulf.
Moreover, ten maps have both Persian gulf for the gulf and Persian
sea (for the Sea of Oman).

PERSIAN SEA: One may buy this Atlas online for only 70 Euro

Persian Gulf Fact Sheet – downloadable pdf with maps

World Map, 1565

 Gerhard Mercator’s atlas production in 1578 from Ptolemy’s Geographia clearly depicting Sinus Arabicus(today’s Red Sea) and Persicus Sinus (Persian Gulf)

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Map of the World, Bologna edition of Ptolemy Geographia, 1482

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 Historical maps and Information on Iran the Persian Gulf:





Map of Iran published by National Geographic

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Map of West Asia published by United Nations

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Map of Iran published by United Nations

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Map of the Economic and Social Conditions of West Asia published by United Nations

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Map of Iran published by Encyclopedia Britannica and posted on Merriam-Webster

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Map of Iran published by MapQuest and posted on HRW World Atlas website

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Map of Persian Gulf region by Microsoft Corp. posted on Expedia website

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Persia & Afghanistan – 1854 map by S. Hall for possible listing on our website. It is published by A & C Black and clearly depicts the Persian Gulf and the area from the Tigris River in the West to the Indus River in the East from Baldwin maps (

Persian Gulf 1856, illustrating the travels of General Ferrier in Persia and Afghanistan – small version
* Medium sized version
* Full version

Sasanian Empire from the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1994

Persian Empire, 500BC

Persian Gulf 1606

Political Map of the Persian Gulf Region by Latimer Clarke Corporation, 1998

United Arab Emirates Map

National Geographic Map

 Perry-Castañeda Library Maps, 2003 US Government
* Full version


Persian Gulf from a Satellite


Another Satellite Image


A map of the Persian Gulf region from 500 B.C.

 MUNSTER, Sebastian. Tabula Asiae IIII. Basel, Heinrich Petri, 1540. 265 x 345. Woodcut; old manuscript annotations mainly to margin but some on the map that do not detract. Shows the whole of the Middle East from the southern shores of Turkey across to the Persian Gulf (in the bottom right corner) and the Nile delta.


MUNSTER, Sebastian. Tabvla Asiae VI. Basle, 1542, Latin text. 270 x 340. Woodcut; good condition, with minor contemporary ink anotations in margins. One of the earlist separate maps of Arabia showing the land surrounding the Red Sea and Persian Gulf including Saudi Arabia and parts of Egypt. The woodcut designs on the verso is attributed to Holbein.

 “Turky in Asia” from “A New Geographical and Historical Grammar” by Thomas Salmon, 1767. Engraving by T. Phinn. Measures 8″ x10″ and has a stylized cartouche in the lower left corner. This is an English map showing the Middle East from the Western Mediterranean through Persia as far south as the Persian Gulf (in the bottom right corner) and as far north as the Caspian Sea. Has some interesting details, including the location of the ruins of Babel and the course of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Map is age toned and has original folds.


“Persia with Part of the Ottoman Empire” by G. Long, M.A., 1831. “Published Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge” Engraved by J. & C. Walker. 13 1/2″ x 16 1/2″. A wonderful map of the Iraq/Iran area. At the western edge is the River Euphrates flowing through “Irak” and into the Persian Gulf with the “Bahrein” coast shown as far south as the Quatar peninsula and Oman. Continues as far east as the eastern border of Iran (labelled “Khorassan”). There are many interesting annotations on the map (e.g. “36 days jouney from Yezd to Dooshak for a loaded camel”) and much other detail. Condition: Some agetoning and some light spotting, one brown spot that looks like a drip of a coffee, otherwise very good condition. Note: Scan does not show margins of map.


What Arabs call Persian Gulf:

Another Persian Gulf map by an Arab scholar: Persian Gulf in Arab (Islamic) Government by Sobhi Abdul-Karim, Cairo, 1965

Map of the Persian Gulf by an Arab publisher

A Saudi Arabian map from MapArt USA, 1996

Book Printing, Kabul 1968, writing by Mohammed Hosein Haikal (speech writer for Jamal Abdul Nasser, past president of Egypt). These two individuals started using the bogus name of the Arab Gulf.

Here is a map of the Persian Gulf by Arab scholar Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Hassan from his book “Political History of Islam” in Arabic. Published by Hejazi Printing House, Cairo, 1935

Several more maps that clearly depict the proper antique names for Persian Gulf and Red Sea (Arabian Gulf):

1832 Delamarche map of Egypt
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1843 Malte-Brun Map of North-Eastern Africa
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1850 Cowperthwait Map of Persia & Arabia (once part of the great 1850 edition of Mitchell’s Universal Atlas)
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Map of Asia by Nuernberg, C. Weigel, 1719

Map of Arabia by Sir Robert de Vaugondy in 1752

An 1842 German map of Middle East by Landshut, Vogel


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