British Airways

The map which they show on their flights to the middle east, uses a wrong name instead of Persian Gulf. British people started using the wrong name before anyone else in Europe.

There are companies which provide software to British Airways and other airlines. We have gone on record for notifying them and requesting that correct name should be used.

Meanwhile, we have stopped flying with British Air.

They bluntly refer to Persian Gulf as “The Gulf,” as if the Persian Gulf name cannot be used. Have you seen they use for Atlantic or Pacific ocean, “The Ocean?”

England has always caused problems for Iran. Their governments have had organized and deliberate attempts to lessen Iran’s power in the region and in the world for centuries.

The power of Iranian business must not be underestimated. Ghandi did it, we can deprive British Airways of our business.

We suggest not to fly with British Airways until they correct the problem. Moreover, we need to know why in the Heathrow airport, one of worst locations is given to Iran Air?


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