Darius, Guardian of Persian Gulf Commerce

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Tehran, 15 October 2005 (CHN) – Recent studies on archaeological maps show that the Persepolis was established by command of Darius to supervise and administer the commercial traffic of Persian Gulf with the two roads of Silk and Spice.

“The maps of ancient Iran depict that the aquatic route of Silk Road (which stretched from India to Europe) passed Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf to reach Boushehr, south of Iran. From there, the land road continued to Persepolis,” said Abdolazim Amir Shahkarami, an expert in structures and geo-techniques.

“The studies reveals that Persepolis was established in its current location to administer and control the commercial traffics of Spice Road which led to the Silk Road, passing Rey, a town near Tehran,” he added.

The location of Persepolis on the highest region of Zagros Mountains is a proof to the hypothesis. The elevation enabled Persepolis to overlook both roads and administer the traffic through two centers in Rey and Boushehr.

These strategies made the roads one of the safest in their own kind. For the best and safest way from Boushehr to central Iran, one should have ridden through Persepolis region.

Persepolis ruins are one of Iran’s legacies registered on World Heritage List of UNESCO. The complex dates back to the Achaemenid era, remaining today as a symbol of their unique administration and life.


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