Enterprise arrives in Persian Gulf

Originally at http://www.navytimes.com/story.php?f=1-292925-1851178.php

The Enterprise, the Navy’s one-of-a-kind nuclear-powered carrier, has arrived on station in the Persian Gulf. It relieves the newest carrier in the fleet, the Ronald Reagan, which left the Gulf on May 22 for a transit back to its San Diego homeport.

Enterprise arrived Tuesday in the gulf after transiting the Suez Canal on May 29, according to information released by Naval Forces Central Command/5th Fleet in Bahrain.

Carrier strike groups take turns deploying to the Persian Gulf to conduct maritime security operations and support efforts on the ground in Iraq.

Accompanying Enterprise are the cruiser Leyte Gulf, destroyer McFaul, frigate Nicholas and fast combat supply ship Supply. The attack submarine Alexandria is also part of the Enterprise strike group.

Enterprise, the Navy’s first nuclear-powered carrier, was commissioned in November 1961 and is the only Enterprise-class carrier in the Navy. It left Norfolk on May 2.




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