Forgotten Empire to eternalize Persian Gulf

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LONDON, September 14 (IranMania) – John Curtis, keeper of the ancient Near East department at the British Museum, described the ?Forgotten Empire: the world of ancient Persia? as a major step forward to introduce the real and genuine name of the Persian Gulf to the world, CHN reported.

Noting that the relevance of this name (Persian Gulf) and Persia, which is a variant name for Iran, is still unknown to lots of Europeans, Curtis, curator of the Forgotten Empire exhibition at the British Museum, said, ?We have been asked several times that today, the great Iranian Empire by the name of Persia does not exist anymore, so why should we call there ?Persian Gulf?. Now, in this exhibition we are trying to give an answer to this question and prove that the name chosen by Iranians for this region, thousands of years ago, still should be considered as its official name.?

He hoped that ?Achaemenid Iran?, a seminar which is to be held on September 27 in London, will contribute to the movement for safeguarding the genuine identity of the Persian Gulf, and told CHN, ?The splendor and the grandeur of Achaemenids will convince everyone that we must keep the name of the Persian Gulf alive.?



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