HarperCollins Publisher

Harper Collins Publishers


HarperCollins Cartographers of UK have ignored all the facts and evidences provided to them and have decided to continue with their abuse of the Persian Gulf. In a letter sent to our UK based board member, Mr. Michael Ashworth the Chairman of HarperCollins Policy Committee has confirmed that commercial reasons played a part in their decision for not using the correct name of the Persian Gulf. We have sent Ms. Kathryn Russell of HarperCollins an E-mail asking for Mr. Ashworth’s E-mail address, phone and Fax numbers, as of February 12, 2002, they had not replied.


We have decided not to purchase any books from HarperCollins Publisher and those of us who are in academia will not adopt any textbooks from this publisher unless the problem gets corrected.

HarperCollins’ Reply March 11, 2002


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