Historical Facts

While searching for the name “Persian Gulf”, one comes across many evidences which prove that Persian Gulf name has been around for centuries.

Below is the beginning of EDWARD FITZGERALD’s translation of Khayam’s poems.  (Book published in 1859).     http://www.fitzgeraldsrubaiyat.com/

      These pearls of thought in Persian Gulf were bred,

      Each softly lucent as a rounded moon;

      The diver Omar plucked them from their bed,

      Fitzgerald strung them on an English thread.

In several “hadeeth”  the Persian Gulf is called the Bahre Farsi. This was the term used during the time of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the four Caliphs. The designation of “Persian Gulf” was also used during the Umayyads and the Abbasids. The Ottomans regularly called it either “Persian Gulf” or “Persian Sea”.

The leading historians and geographers, both Arabs and Persians, who wrote mostly in Arabic from 9th to the 17th century AD have used the term “Bahre Farsi” or “Khalij Pars” for the Persian Gulf.

Since 1998, many Iranians and non-Iranians have been working on this web site to preserve the name “Persian Gulf.”  They have defended the historic name from all sorts of organizations and institutions around the world who seek to impose a fake name on the Persian Gulf.  They been able to organize their efforts to this worthy cause and to provide necessary evidences to people who have little or no knowledge of history.


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