Iran Tests 3 Missiles in Persian Gulf

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It was reported that Iran had successfully tested three new missiles in the Persian Gulf.

The Iranian state-run television released footage of Revolutionary Guards Corps launch missiles from mobile launching ramps and war vessels on the coast of the Gulf.
The new 170 meter long-range Noor, Kousar and Nasr missiles were developed for naval warfare, the report said.
The Iranian made missiles could be fired from sea to land and from land to sea.
In an interview with the Iranian state radio, Revolutionary Guards commander Brigadier-General Fadavi replied to questions on whether Iran’s recent maneuvers were in response to the U.S.-led military exercise carried out in the Persian Gulf.
Fadavi said these three successful missile tests were a strong warning to the United States to stop military exercises in the Gulf, adding: “Iran’s enemies should avoid any moves that could cause volatility in the region.”


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