Manuscript Style Guide for Authors

PERSIAN GULF JOURNAL is a bi-annual journal dedicated to the Persian Gulf and the surrounding region. As an Internet based periodical at this juncture (its hard print format is envisaged, nevertheless) Persian Gulf Journal considers submitted manuscripts, news article and analysis, critique of recent published works, legal writings, and, or artistic expressions in areas of anthropology, history, arts and sciences, technology, law, philosophy, culture, geography, politics, economics and environment as pertaining to the Persian Gulf waters and its region. Persian Gulf Task Force, a Committee of the Iranians for International Cooperation holds the copyright on all material published in the Persian Gulf Journal, unless otherwise so stated. Questions concerning permission to reprint and, or place a link to any of document must be addressed to the editor.

Unsolicited manuscripts should be sent to the manuscript editor, who will make an initial decision on the paper’s suitability for review. Papers are then sent to two or more reviewers who represent a cross-section of the membership interests. Both solicited albeit invited and unsolicited papers are reviewed. At least two to three weeks must be allowed for the completion of the reviewing process. Articles are accepted with the understanding that they maybe returned to the author(s) for revision on the reviewers’ recommendations, and edited by the staff for the sake of clarity and conciseness. Alterations appear on galley proofs that authors receive before publication.

Writing an Article

Articles published in the PERSIAN GULF JOURNAL are expected to be clear, concise, informative, and accurate. Organize your material carefully, making certain to convey the significance of your work as apparent to readers outside your own area of interest. Avoid specialized jargon and wordiness: readers will skip a dull article or one they cannot understand. Standards of good usage can be found in The Chicago manual of style, 14th edition and Skillin’s Words in Type. See manuscript requirements shown below.

Papers are accepted for publication in one of three general interest areas. The interest areas cited herein are merely examples and as such, are not meant to be all-inclusive:

Major Articles: Reviews, narratives or original research of no more than ten standard pages in length on new or historical developments or trends of broad significance to Journal readers; descriptions of a current problem or approach of interest to more than one discipline; reviews and comparisons of topics pertaining to the Persian Gulf with specific areas as arts, sciences, technology, economics, politics, environment, geography, philosophy, culture and history. Supporting data; studies of an aspect of the practice, history, philosophy, or administration of engineering technology.

New Ideas: Succinct communications of ideas that have been applied to the practice or the teaching and sharing of information on the Persian Gulf with evaluation of their effectiveness. (Average length: 2-3 pages.)

New Findings: Brief reports of recent studies, conferences, symposia or other decision/policy making pertaining to Persian Gulf while emphasizing results and implications. (Average length: 2-3 pages.)

News and Announcements: Upcoming or held conferences and symposia and other pertinent forums pertaining to the Persian Gulf region.

Book Reviews and Critiques: Careful analysis of recently disseminated information on the Persian Gulf region. Abridged narrative passage and critique of recently published books on the Persian Gulf and, or its regional topics.

Links: Evaluation and selection of URL and other data bank links to sites with information on the Persian Gulf

Manuscript Requirements

Submit 1 original, 12 size TIMES NEW ROMAN fonts typed, 1.5-spaced manuscript, possibly in both WORD.doc and HTML or PDF, including:

Concise Title in UPPER CASE BOLD
Name(s), title(s) and affiliation of the author(s)
Brief abstract (~150 words)
Key terms (e.g. Persian Gulf, history, sovereignty, etc)
Illustrations, pictures and Table with concise legends, and inserted in appropriate location within the manuscript, must be of high pixel and in standard format (GIG, JPEG)
Appropriate headings and subheadings
Consecutively numbered pages
Proper metric (SI) units when used.
Author’s biographical sketch of no more than 50 words each with a possible URL link.
Citations and references numbered sequentially must appear in standard format, either as footnotes or as endnotes, and in the order each was cited in text.
Potential Reviewers: The authors may propose three prospective reviewers who are manifestly qualified to objectively critique the manuscript. The final choice of reviewers is at the sole discretion of the Editor In-Chief, however.
Accepted manuscripts

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the lead author will receive further instructions for format, graphics, and biographical sketches of authors, etc., to meet publication requirements.
A certificate attesting to the exclusiveness of the manuscript and its appearance for the Persian Gulf Journal in its submitted format and contents.
Responsibilities of Authors: The authors are entirely responsible for accuracy of all statements and data contained in the manuscript, accuracy of all reference information, and for obtaining and submitting permission from the author and publisher of any previously published material included in the submitted manuscript. The corresponding author will receive an edited manuscript for “final author approval”. The author should review this carefully, as s/he is responsible for all changes in his/her work, including changes made by the editor or his assignee.

Send Manuscripts to:

Professor David N. Rahni, Ph.D. Editor In-Chief


PLEASANTVILLE, New York 10570-2799 USA


Note: The Editor’s professional affiliation does not hold any legal or otherwise responsibilities for the Persian Gulf Journal.


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