Persian Gulf Day: November 30 (9 Azar)

Based on the number of votes forwarded to our discussion list, and five votes sent to the board members the majority of respondents chose November 30th to be Persian Gulf Day.

This is the date when Iran secured its territorial integrity in the Persian Gulf over the three Islands of Tunbs and Abu Musa and restored its national pride in the region while ending British colonialism in the region.

November 30th, 1971 (Azar 9, 1350): The day three Islands of Tunbs and Abu Musa were recovered from British and Arab control.

Because this date was chosen by the majority of those who responded to our request for a Persian Gulf Day, starting in September, 2003 let us make it a success by celebrating it. We can send Happy Persian Gulf Day cards on this day to each other, have TV and radio promotions, and distribute flyers to educate people about its significance.

Excellent and educational discussions took place by e-mail, not only about the Persian Gulf Day, but other important days were also mentioned. We will create a section at the Persian Gulf website to present the important events in chronological order. Let us know about other important dates and pictures to post on this website.

July 3, 1988 – The day an American warship shot down a civilian Iranian airline, killing 290 innocent passengers over Persian Gulf waters.

OPEC day of 1973 – Held in Tehran, Iran

March 19, 1950 (Esfand 29, 1329) – Oil nationalization Day

August 25, 1941 – The Royal Navy of England sank the Iranian Warship Palang under the command of Admiral Bayandor

February 1, 1623 – Shah Abbas drove the Portuguese from Qeshm and the Persian Gulf

Thanks for your participation and views.

Mohammad Ala, Board Member



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