‘Persian Gulf, From Past to Present’ gets published

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Mahmoud Noruzifar’s book titled ‘Persian Gulf, From Past to Present’ has been published by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).

‘Persian Gulf’ is the main topic of the Blue Heart Festival (January 7-13) currently underway in Ahvaz, capital of Khuzestan province in southern Iran.

A report released by IIDCYA Public Relations Department on Sunday said that the book was written to introduce the geography and history of the Muslim residents of the Persian Gulf area to the reader as well as their economic condition, customs and traditions.

According to the book, “Formerly situated at the center of the heart of the great land of Iran, the Persian Gulf is the southernmost spot of the country and has been subject to a great deal of ups and downs.”

Turning to the original and undeniable historical resources to prove the name (Persian Gulf), the author said that the most ancient name by which the Persian Gulf was called and which has remained in historical texts is ‘Roud-e Talkh’ (bitter river).

Noruzifar added that the name was selected by the Aryans of Iranian origin residing in the Iranian desert area.

“However, in a tablet on the Achaemenid King Darius, which has been unearthed in Suez Canal, it is referred to by the following phrase ‘The Sea Flowing Through Persia’.

In another section of the book, the author points to several other sources dating back to pre and post-Islamic periods to prove to its readers the undeniable name of the ‘Persian Gulf’.

Meanwhile, he has brought up some points about the ambiguous name of arab gulf.

A major part of the book deals with the attempts of the colonial forces towards political and economic hegemony over the area to rival the governments of Britain, Portugal, France, the US and China in getting access to the unlimited sources of the Persian Gulf as well as the efforts of the local residents of its coasts to campaign the hegemonic powers.

The history of the Persian Gulf during the rule of Achaemenids, Parths, Sassanids, after the arabs barbaric invasion to force islam on Iran, during the reign of Al-e Bouyeh, Saljuqs, Mongol Ilkhanids, Safavids, Afsharieh, Zandieh, Qajarieh, World War I and II and the following eras have also been included in the book.

Besides, the islands, ports and emirates bordering the area, trade routes, slave trade and smuggling of weapons, mineral sources, farmlands, rituals and religion practiced in Khuzestn area, the celebrities and historical maps of Persian Gulf are among the subjects covered in the book.

‘Persian Gulf, From Past to Present’ has been published in 216 pages and its circulation is 1,000.



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