Persian Gulf, Kish island to open 1st IT centre

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Apr 23, 2005

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Officials in Persian Gulf Kish resort Island are to open first Information Technology (IT) centre on Tuesday, 26 April, Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Supreme Council Secretary Hossein Nassiri said Saturday.

Once the IT centre put into operation, the residential and trade centres would enjoy the services of the first IT centre in the Persian Gulf island of Kish, the official said.

South Iranian FTZ Kish Island has turned into a tourism hub, Nassiri said, touching upon the “good investment” made for building hotels and recreational centres in the region.

Free trade zones have been proposed as bridges for interaction with world economic community, he said, terming the improving economy in FTZ’s as a success.

Iran has named six regions within the country as free trade zones. The FTZ areas group Kish, Qeshm, Chabahar in south, Aras, Anzali in north and Arvand in western Iran, the official said, stipulating an extension of special economic zones to 18 spots.


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