Qeshm is largest island of Persian Gulf: daily

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LONDON, January 19 (IranMania) – “The Persian Gulf island of Qeshm is prepared to host over 1,5 million vacationers during Norouz holidays (March 20-April 2),” the English-language `Iran Daily’ quoted the deputy head (for Coordination) of the Qeshm Free Zone Organization as saying.

Recalling that over one million holidaymakers visited the island during the last new year holiday season, Ali Rezapour stated that in addition to hotels, hotel apartments and lodging units in Qeshm, three camping sites have been prepared for those who intend to set up tents, according to the daily.

He noted that special places have been considered at one of the sites to accommodate private tents.

The official added that various committees would be formed to supervise and coordinate accommodation, health care, eateries, security issues, price and quality of services, crisis management as well as disseminate information to make visitors enjoy their stay in the beautiful Persian Gulf island.

Meanwhile, he recalled that 10 similar committees had assisted holidaymakers during the last Norouz, and added that over 34,000 private cars had been transferred from the port city of Bandar Abbas to Qeshm Island last year.

The head of Qeshm Customs Department, Kazem Bidarian, stated that Bahman dock in Bandar Abbas was fully prepared to transport travelers to the island, the article noted.

Iran Daily added that the commander of the island’s police, Colonel Pishvaei, also vowed that police forces would spare no effort at maintaining security in Qeshm.

The first meeting of the Qeshm Special Norouz Taskforce was held recently with senior officials of the island in attendance, the daily wrote.

Qeshm, sprawling over a land mass of 1,500 sq.m., is the largest island of the Persian Gulf. It is located north of Hormuz Strait and south of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Boasting lovely and calm coasts, white sand beaches and spectacular sunsets, Qeshm is a gem-ringed paradise of coral reefs.

An ancient Portuguese castle, historic mosques, Seyyed Mozaffar and Bibi Maryam shrines, various ponds and mangrove forests are among the tourism attractions in the island, which sits across the azure waters of the Persian Gulf.







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