UNESCO apologizes for distortion of Persian Gulf’s name

Originally at: http://www.tehrantimes.com/index_View.asp?code=155159

TEHRAN — The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has made an apology for distorting the name of the Persian Gulf in an exhibition brochure they released in September, Mehr News Agency reported on Monday.

The brochure, which was published for the exhibition on the Saudi Arabian archaeological site of Mada’in Saleh (Al-Hijr), held at UNESCO House in Paris from September 3 until 14, had falsely named the Persian Gulf as the Arabian gulf.

The Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of the Islamic Republic Mohammadreza Majidi protested about the brochure’s misrepresentation.

Subsequently, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Cooperation, Representative of Director-General Ahmed Sayyad, sent apologies and ordered his staff to observe the United Nations’ general regulations.

The exhibition had been organized by the Permanent Delegation of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO

Al-Attiyah told the newspaper Iran has approached the organization over setting up a free-trade zone agreement among them. The group has agreed to consider it.



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