Lebanese expert: Wargame in Persian Gulf creates regional balance of power

The Lebanese specialist on Middle East affairs, Habib Fayyaz, said that the news about Iran’s nuclear fuel cycle was released just on time and according to preset schedule, adding that the wargame held in the Persian Gulf last week somehow created a balance of power in the region.

He told IRNA Saturday that declaring Iran’s access to complete nuclear fuel cycle on the birthday anniversary of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) means that the nuclear issue is sacred to Iranians and something irrevocable.

“Thus Iran passed on the message to the international community, in particular the United Nations, to avoid taking any measure against the interests of this country,” he added.

Turning to any military threat or action against Iran at such a stage as risky, he said that so far China and Russia have dismissed the option of economic punishment, economic sanction and military operation against Iran.

“This is while Iran has been complying with its nuclear commitments ever since it resumed the uranium enrichment process,” added the expert.

He noted that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Chief Mohamed ElBaradei doubted Iran’s access to nuclear technology and uranium enrichment would reduce the current crisis on the nuclear dossier, given his constant effort to normalize interaction between Iran and the West.

“ElBaradei is expected to submit his report on Iran to the UN Security Council latest by the end April, when his crucial final approach will be revealed,” said the Lebanese specialist.

Fayyaz said that at present the inspection of Iran’s nuclear activities by the agency’s inspectors is underway, who are expected to keep the IAEA chief informed of the relevant details.



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