Spill, Dolphin Deaths Spark Alarm At Persian Gulf Pollution – Radio Free Europe

6 Arab states in Persian Gulf to announce common market in December
San Diego Union

CGIE to republish ancient map of Persian Gulf – Mehr News Agency

Persian Gulf getting into filmmaking – Variety

UNESCO apologizes for distortion of Persian Gulf’s name – Tehran Times

Navy protects Iraq’s lifeline in Persian Gulf – Boston Globe

Wasp, Enterprise, Kearsarge now on duty in Persian Gulf  – Stars and Stripes

Vancouver on the Persian Gulf

From the Persian Gulf to the Princeton poolPrinceton University The
Daily Princetonian

Persian Gulf name “Transformed” in Hollywood’s New Release – Pejman Akbarzadeh (Payvand News)

Victoria’s newest school — in the Persian Gulf – Bridie Smith (The Age)

New Zealand starts free trade talks with Persian Gulf nations – Hindu/Xinhua

16 Years After the War, ill Persian Gulf Veterans Fighting for Research, Treatment Kansas City infoZine

[Persian] Gulf consumer spending soars – Financial Times, UK

Quake hits Persian Gulf Island – IRNA

Iran Detains 3 Finns In Persian Gulf – AP/Guardian – June 2007

Cyclone blows through the Persian Gulf – Time Online – June 2007

Of the Persian Gulf – Wall Street Journal – June 2007

Iran Adding Attack Boats in Persian Gulf, U.S. Says – Bloomberg – June 2007

Cyclone Threatens Oil in Persian Gulf (PHOTOS) – ABC – June 2007

Nowruz and Persian Gulf in Western Media – (by Pejman Akbarzadeh) Radio Zamaneh – April 2007

Some strait talking bridges a Persian gulf – (by By Alan B’Stard) Telegraph – April 2007

Britain suspends Persian Gulf patrols – PRESS TV – April 2007

Valid maps have always used the name “Persian Gulf”: academic – Tehran Times – April 2007

Britain Suspends Persian Gulf Drills – Prensa Latina – April 2007

British Council distorting name of Persian Gulf – Iranmania – March 2007

Persian Gulf Shipwreck Continues to Remain a Mystery – CHN/Payvand – November 2006

Persian Gulf Veteran To Join Soldiers And Sailors Monument – Newtown Bee – November 2006

New Persian Gulf Security Effort Expected to Fuel Arms Sales in 2007
World Politics Watch – November 2006

US Navy in Persian Gulf reinforced – UPI – November 2006

Iran’s war game concludes in north Persian Gulf – IranMania – November 2006

Iran Tests 3 Missiles in Persian Gulf– Zaman Online – November 2006

Baku Seeking to Transfer Oil to Persian Gulf – Fars News Agency – October 2006

New envoy seeks to boost ties with Persian Gulf neighbors – Mehr News Agency – October 2006

Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean
Vive Le Canada – October 2006

Promoting a tourist haven on the Persian Gulf – Miami Herald – October 2006

Kuwait’s MP accuses US of polluting Persian Gulf waters – IRNA – October 2006

Iran test-fires smart missile in Persian Gulf – Mehr/Payvand – September 2006

Blow of Zolfaqar wargame to continue in Persian Gulf, Oman Sea – IRNA – September 2006

Plan to widen Persian Gulf trade deal – Daily Telegraph – June 2006

Persian Gulf best route for energy transfer: Asefi – IRNA – June 2006

Winnipeg based – MSS leaves for Persian Gulf CJOB – June 2006

Iran bans The Economist for describing the Persian Gulf only as … – – June 2006

Littoral Combat Ship may allow US control of Persian Gulf – American Thinker – June 2006

USS Cole Heads Back To Persian Gulf – WTKR Your NewsChannel 3 – June 2006

Oil Rises After Iran Threatens to Disrupt Persian Gulf Supply – Bloomberg – June 2006

Enterprise arrives in Persian Gulf – – June 2006

Global Hawks Surpass 1,000 Combat Hours Over Persian Gulf – Aero-News Network – June 2006

Toby Keith Returns From The Persian Gulf – – June 2006

Persian Gulf Band to echo Iran’s peace message in Europe – IRNA – June 2006

Quake jolts Persian Gulf port city of Khamir in southern Iran – IRNA/Payvand – June 2006

Persian Gulf leaders urge Iran to be frank with them about its … – FOX News – May 2006

Persian Gulf no longer ‘safe’ for US– United Press International – May 2006

Games, Cock-Fights And Fandangos In The Persian Gulf – – May 2006

Six Persian Gulf nations discuss Iran nuclear standoff at the meeting

“Persian Gulf Studies; Culture and Civilization” Symposium in Tehran – ISNA – April 2006

Publication of the “Persian Gulf in Old Maps” in Tehran – PGO/Payvand– March 2006

Four hurt as U.S. Navy ship collides with merchant vessel in Persian Gulf – AP/Hindu – March 2006

Ship Collision in Persian Gulf Injures 4 – The Westfall Weekly News– March 2006

Africa can replace Persian Gulf oil, says US senator – Mining Weekly– March 2006

McDonald’s Recalls Ship From Persian Gulf – The Toque– March 2006

USS Ardent assists disabled Iraqi ship in Persian Gulf – Stars and Stripes– March 2006

Persian Gulf’s first Wi-Fi project comes online in Qeshm – Mehr New Agency– March 2006

All Is Not Gloomy on Persian Gulf – Korea Times– March 2006

Aussie Frigate Faces Down 6 Iranian Gunboats in Persian Gulf – RedState– March 2006

Cape St. George Wraps up Mission in North Persian Gulf – Navy News Stand– March 2006

Iran boosts Persian Gulf presence
– IranMania News– March 2006

Finding Persian Gulf Security Alternatives – Post Chronicle– March 2006

Persian Gulf Airport .… – MehrNews– March 2006

Country Music Duo Montgomery Gentry Travel to the Persian Gulf …- – March 2006

First Persian Gulf Commerce Exhibition Held in Tehran – IRNA – February 2006

Space tourism firm to build spaceport in Persian Gulf – Taipei Times – February 2006

Japan, 6 Persian Gulf nations to hold preparatory FTA talks in … – TMCne – February 2006

Large Gas Field in Kish Island of Persian Gulf – Persian Journal – February 2006

French War Games in Persian Gulf – Prensa Latina – February 2006

The New Power in the Persian GulfTIME – February 2006

Persian Gulf Duty– US Department of Defense – February 2006

Jacko makes Persian Gulf his new home – Advertiser Adelaide – January 2006

EDS, Mubadala win Persian Gulf outsourcing venture – Washington Technology – January 2006

Multisymptom condition is more prevalent among Persian Gulf vets – Washington University Record – January 2006

Qeshm is largest island of Persian Gulf: daily – IranMania – January 2006

World Leading Powers Try Dominating Persian Gulf – Focus News – January 2006

Briefs: Cable to expand Persian Gulf telecom – – January 2006

A Report on a New Wave of Persian Gulf Name Abuse – Payvand – January 2006

Reservists due back from Persian Gulf
– San Diego Union Tribune – January 2006

‘Persian Gulf, From Past to Present’ gets published – IRNA/Persian Journal – January 2006

Mysterious Condition Still More Prevalent Among Persian Gulf Vets – Science Daily – January 2006

1st Persian Gulf Trade Expo to be held in Tehran – IranMania – January 2006

Joint Chiefs chair arrives in Persian Gulf – AP/WIS – January 2006

US Navy Sailor Rescued In Persian Gulf – Navy News Stand – January 2006

Air Deccan sets its eyes on SAARC, Persian Gulf – Hindustan Times – January 2006

SUV fever strikes Persian Gulf nations – Seattle Times – December 2005


Persian Gulf-Caspian Sea waterway possible – IranMania News – December 2005

Persian Gulf…. – Hindustan Times – December 2005

Jarhead Takes Viewer Inside 1991 Persian Gulf War – VOA – December 2005

Persian Gulf island of Qeshm hit by another quake – Payvand – December 2005

SUVs rev up Persian Gulf drivers – Baltimore Sun November, 2005

Al Basrah Oil Terminal, Persian Gulf – US Department of Defense November, 2005

Darius Formed Persian Gulf Coastal Guard – CHN November, 2005

Don’t bridge the Persian Gulf – Indian Express November, 2005

High oil prices spark 4×4 fever in Persian Gulf countries – WLNS November, 2005

First bird flu case reported in Persian Gulf region – USA Today November, 2005

Bird flu reaches Persian GulfMiami Herald / AP November, 2005

Church to be built in Persian Gulf state of QatarMonsters and November, 2005

What’s at stake in Persian – November, 2005

China Revamps Scene in Persian Gulf Korea Times November, 2005

USS Nimitz Returns From Persian GulfNBC – November, 2005

Iran: More hotels being built on Persian Gulf island of November, 2005

Michael Jackson to reside in Persian Gulf – Los Angeles Times/San Francisco Chronicle November, 2005

DiBiasie re-deploys to Persian Gulf – Saugus AdvertiserNovember, 2005

DROWNING POOL To Perform For Troops In Persian Gulf –Blabbermouth.netNovember, 2005

Iran,US coalition ships ride waves in Persian Gulf – Iran Mania November, 2005

BNP Paribas aims for 490 branches in Persian Gulf, Mediterranean … – Forbes November, 2005

Darius, Guardian Persian Gulf Commerce – CHNNovember, 2005

Fluor Wins $1 Bln Persian Gulf Gas Plant Contract – Bloomberg November, 2005

Publication of Historical Maps of the Persian Gulf in Tehran – Payvand News – October, 2005

Forgotten Empire to eternalize Persian Gulf – IranMania – October, 2005

Navy searching for sailor missing from ship in Persian Gulf – Stars and Stripes – October, 2005

Iran prefers Persian Gulf gas to Caspian oil – IranMania – October, 2005

“Oil and gas development projects in Persian Gulf unprecedented”uot; – Mehr News Agency– September, 2005

“Persian Gulf bloc wants Israel out of West Bank” – IranMania– September, 2005

“US sub, Turkish ship collide in Persian Gulf” – Indianapolis Star– September, 2005

“Historical Maps of the Persian Gulf Printed” – CHN – September, 2005

9-11 fueled economic growth in Persian Gulf – AP/Jackson Clarion Ledger – August, 2005

While America struggled with Sept. 11 pain, the Persian Gulf went … – AP/Asbury Park Press – August, 2005

Bridge across the Persian gulf – Australian – August, 2005

Ky. Guardsmen Leave For Persian Gulf – Louisville – August, 2005

Top Military Officer, Celebrities Visit Nimitz in Persian Gulf – Navy News Stand – August, 2005

Data on Persian Gulf exploration blocs positive – IranMania News – August, 2005

Normandy Completes Mission in Persian Gulf – – August, 2005

“Antietam Crew Concludes Persian Gulf Operations” – Navy Compass, CA – July, 2005

“St. Louis-based reservists deploy to Persian Gulf” –, VA – July, 2005

“World biggest omelet cooked on Persian Gulf’s Kish Island” – Payvand – July, 2005

“Canada to establish permanent military base in Persian Gulf region” – World Socialist Web Site, MI – July, 2005

“Carl Vinson Strike Group Concludes Persian Gulf Operations” – – July, 2005

“Armenia seeks access to Persian Gulf” – Persian Journal – July, 2005

“Md. Soldier, a Veteran of Persian Gulf War, Killed in Iraq Bomb …” – Washington Post, DC – June, 2005

“Caspian oil not rivaling Persian Gulf crude” – IranMania News – June, 2005

“Indian oil firms granted access to Persian Gulf block” – Monsters and – June, 2005

“US, Australian Sailors Honor D-Day in Persian Gulf” – – June, 2005

“Persian Gulf bridge in Qeshm to make it a crucial economic hub” – IRNA – June, 2005

“Identity of the Persian Gulf” – Pejman Akbarzadeh, Persian Daily ‘Shargh’ – June, 2005

“US Accuses Persian Gulf States Of Slave Trafficking” – National Ledger – June, 2005

“Persian Gulf Pavilion in Pictures” – Pars Times – June, 2005

“HMAS Newcastle sails for Persian Gulf” – ABC Online – June, 2005

“The Worst-kept Secret in the Persian Gulf” – Globe and Mail – June, 2005

“Persian Gulf Pavilion in Tehran International Book Fair” – Pejman Akbarzadeh, Persian Daily ‘Shargh’ – June, 2005

“International Persian Gulf Confab to be held in Isfahan” – Payvand/IRNA – June, 2005

“Iran to protect environment diversity in Persian Gulf” -IRNA – June, 2005

“….Visit Troops on USO Tour to the Persian Gulf” – Yahoo News – June, 2005

“USS Mustin Rescues 27 in Persian Gulf” – Navy Compass – June, 2005

Sailor who refused to ship out for the Persian Gulf sentenced to … – Boston Globe – May 2005

Sailor Guilty of Refusing to Deploy to Persian Gulf – Los Angeles TimesMay 2005

USS Mustin Rescues 27 in Persian Gulf – Navy News StandMay 2005


Persian Gulf artifacts suffering as officials dispute where to …May 2005

US POWs tortured in Persian Gulf lose case seeking money from Iraq – San Diego Union Tribune April, 2005

Bonhomme Richard Completes Mission in Persian Gulf – Navy News Stand April, 2005

Military Personnel in the Persian Gulf Treated to Visit – March, 2005

Tehran to host 15th International Conference on Persian Gulf – – March, 2005

Bob Hope Dies – July 28, 2003

In the pipeline: More regime changeApril 4, 2003

Iran and Kuwait close ranksSeptember 25, 2002

Bahrain turns to IranAugust 22, 2002

UAE gets the best military money can buyMay 30, 2000


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