Mission Statement

The mission of the PersianGulfonline site is to protect and preserve the historical name “Persian Gulf” as an integral component of Iran’s heritage.

The objective of the Persian Gulf Task Force (PGTF) organization is to preserve the name “Persian Gulf” and to commit to honoring its status as a national treasure.

PersianGulfonline is a forum where the PGTF under Iranians for International Cooperation (www.iic.org) was created in 1998. The PGTF is a non-partisan and non-religious organization which has no ties to any government or political party. It does not support any political individual or ideology.

The members, nevertheless, believe that it is in the best interest of both Iran and the US to cease hostility and to seek rapprochement. The members advocate normalized and respectful relations between two great nations; we do not support any politicians. The members advocate through peaceful means the reconciliation of the relationship between the people of the two countries.

The members will work together to defend what they believe to be in Iran’s best interest regarding the Persian Gulf. The membership has consistently supported both the preservation of the name and the improvement of the relations between Iran and the U.S.

Neither the statements of individual members of this organization, nor of its Board, or its Advisory committee, shall bind the organization in any manner. A majority vote of its membership is required to bind this organization (and individual members shall have no authority to do so.)



Membership Rules: Coming Soon


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