Qatar will host 2022 World Cup.  We have started several efforts:


(1) We have registered many names to block their attempts in use of a wrong name instead of Persian Gulf.


(2) We have written articles to boycott Iranian participation if the wrong term is used.  Iranian Foreign Minister has been notified about this.


(3)  We need to keep up the heat on FIFA to separate politics from sports.


I plan to write a letter to FIFA.  Here is its address:

FIFA-Strasse 20,
P.O. Box 8044 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel : +41- 43 222 7272 or +41- 43 222 7777
ask for media and public relations.


State who you are and what is the purpose of your call.  Here is a conversation with FIFA

Given Fifa’s slogan “say no to racism”, is FIFA taking steps to ensure that the racist term A. Gulf is excluded from the games, promotional materials, etc… and that the correct name Persian Gulf is used?

her answer: we have yet to receive materials for the event by the QFF. In regards to the QFF’s promotional video, we did not interfere with the bidding process as that would not be fair. We will review all materials for the event once we receive them.

Has the Qatari FF been notified of this?

answer: no

Is there anything I can do to assist in combating this racism?

email: and the QFF

What name does FIFA officially recognize?

Answer: It has not come up but we will recognize the name in accordance with international law.

I followed up with: For example the United Nations?

her answer: yes.

A sample letter:

Dear Sir or Madam:


FIFA granted 2022 World Cup to Qatar.  This country used the wrong name instead of Persian Gulf in its advertisements to host the games. 


FIFA has tried to keep politics away from Football.  However, using a wrong name instead of Persian Gulf is a political statement.  The body of water which separates Iran from its Arab neighbors has been called Persian Gulf for more than 2500 years.  The United Nations on two occasions has recognized the correct term.


The Arab renegade leaders such as Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt and Saddam Hussein of Iraq used the wrong term to agitate Iranians.  In recent years several other Arab countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, and UAE have used the wrong term.


Some observers of international affairs have noted that there are financial incentives for Western countries and Arab countries to use another term instead of the Persian Gulf.  However, this is not a situation where there can be a choice:  only Persian Gulf is accurate.  To call it anything else is a betrayal of the heritage of millions of Iranians.


(4) We must also write to Iranian Football Federation

to call IFF here is the number: +98 – 21 – 8821 3308 or 3307



We called IFF, they said they are aware of it.  The person who we talked with seemed relaxed about it saying ” baleh ina az in sheytanat ha mikonand , ma ham be FIFA etela dadim”


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